KFC Online Delivery

I suddenly wanted to eat KFC for dinner, so I went to their official website to look at their menu so I won't spend much time looking at the menu when I get there. I saw the link to their new online delivery website and was pleasantly surprised since I didn't know they started offering an online delivery service. I decided to try it out.

Ordering through the website was a breeze even though there was a bug (?). When I tried ordering a 2pc. chicken meal, it doesn't add to my cart, but when I made the quantity 2, it pushed through (but the quantity on the cart indicated that I ordered just one). I just hope that they'll add a login feature so I won't have to enter my details again when I order in the future.

I got the confirmation call on my cellphone a few minutes after and was told to expect my order within 30 minutes. However, a representative of the KFC branch processing my order sent me a text message saying that my order would be delivered 10 minutes later than planned.

My order arrived approximately 40 minutes later. I'm really glad that KFC PH finally built an online delivery website. Was getting sick of ordering Mcdonalds/Jollibee/Pizza Hut every time I don't have the strength and will to cook dinner. I hope other fastfood chains will follow suit. 

2pc. Chicken meal and a bucket of fries
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