92.3 NewsFM

I just want to take time to thank TV5 for coming up with 92.3 NewsFM - The first news and commentary station in the FM Band.

It was launched almost a year ago, but I don't really listen much to the local FM Radio scene, so I was completely oblivious about it.

When typhoon Pedring was on its peak last September 27, I was part of the 1.9 million households to lose electricity. Our wireless broadband platform was securely bolted on our fourth floor roof top but the terrible winds dislodged it from its place and sent it crashing to the ground floor. I immediately knew I wouldn't get to use the internet on my desktop for several days. Flood was slowly rising, threatening to reach our house that's built much higher up than most homes in our vicinity (thank God it didn't reach our house but my neighbors aren't as lucky).

With no electricity, it was pretty unnerving to just sit and wait for the storm to pass.

We were using my sister's mobile phone to access the internet (because her carrier had a much stable connection)  to get news. I turned on the radio on my mobile phone expecting to hear news updates from radio stations, but was pissed since all I heard were a slew of annoying pop songs - until I chanced upon 92.3 NewsFM. So again, thank you 92.3 NewsFM. Bringing news to the FM band is much appreciated :]
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