10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan in 2012 Cancelled

Japan Tourism Agency proposes to give away 10,000 free tickets to Japan


This is a sad, but apparently, the project entitled 'Fly to Japan!' wherein the Japan Tourism Agency gives out 10,000 free tickets was not approved as part of the governmental draft budget for 2012.

Read the article for the official announcement here:




I saw a post on Danny Choo's blog  that Japan Tourism Agency's Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata confirmed his plans to invite 10000 foreigners to Japan. Again, they would focus on choosing people who have certain influence on social media website (such as Facebook, Twiter) and bloggers.

Applications will start at summer 2012.

To those who are interested in applying, better start blogging/tweeting to gather more followers. I think, the more presence you have on the internet, the better chances you have at getting chosen.

Watch this space as I will update this post again when I get more information.


Japan's Tourism Agency proposed to give away 10,000 round trip tickets to Japan next year.

The number of visitors to Japan has dropped on an alarming rate. To lure more tourists, the agency hopes to "get highly influential blogger-types, and others who can spread the word that Japan is a safe place to visit,” said Kazuyoshi Sato. Japan's Tourism Agency is requesting a billion yen to pay for the campaign. If approved, the tourism agency will open a website where interested individuals can apply by April next year. Those 10,000 lucky people would be required to document their travel experience and post it online.

I am very excited for this bit of news. Despite the earthquakes and the nuclear scare, I'm still very willing to go to Japan. I'm sure a lot of people would still want to visit Japan too. I hope this would push through since I believe it would benefit both Japan and all the would-be visitors. Since this matter is still on debate, I advise those who are interested to visit the Japan Tourism Agency Website for further announcements.

Also, see this article on the Japan Tourism Agency Website regarding the free tickets. Apparently the are reports of fraud in some countries related to this matter. Keep in mind that as of now, the free tickets are still being decided, and if approved would be announced by March-April next year (2012).
DesertHurricane said...

This could be a very opportune move and I will definitely be watching this like a hawk. My girlfriend is currently studying abroad at Akita International University until January of next year. Being in the Air Force Reserve, I was presented with an opportunity to spend two weeks on a base nearby and we were both ecstatic about the opportunity as I would be deploying shortly after.

Unfortunately I will not be able to go because my deployment has been moved up so that kind of threw things for a loop. I am definitely planning on taking her there when I get back, possibly even proposing as I believe that's where she would like for me to do so.

Getting there for free and having an excuse to chronicle the ordeal would just be icing on the cake...Thank you for posting the website info :)

r jay aldueza said...

im living here in italy for 13 years.. i have a u.s and uk visa.. so i think this is my next stop in 2012.. and is the most easily to have a japanese visa toursit.! SIGN ME UP FOR FREE TICKET !

HERLAND said...

Well this is a good opportunity, to be able to recognize cultural country Sakura, so wanted the road to get there ..

how messages tickets how well?
Please send the official web address to email me ya ..
Thank you all ..
Greetings from the Children's Gempa-Tsunami Aceh ..

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