Zombie Lane (Google+ Game)

Zombie Lane is a social network game by Digital Chocolate. The game is available both in Facebook and in Google+, but I decided to try it out on Google+ to avoid those distracting sidebar ads.

In Zombie Lane, the neighborhood is under a zombie outbreak. The players' character has lost his/her spouse and dog, and their house is in utter ruins. The player must rebuild their neighborhood, all the while dealing with a zombie apocalypse.

Having watched a lot of zombie apocalypse movies (Shaun of the Dead being probably my favorite), I was intrigued by this game. It's a bit weird to rebuild your house/neighborhood whilst trying to keep zombies at bay, but it's actually quite a refreshing experience (in terms of gaming). I haven't played the game that far off to give a comprehensive review, but from what I've seen, Zombie Lane is sure tons of fun!

Quick Tip: Are you out of energy in game? Leave your customization/inventory/market window open and create a new tab in your browser, and do other stuff while waiting to recuperate more energy. The energy bar timer is still ticking, but the game activity remains paused.
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