Thor (2011)

Thor is a 2011 superhero film based on the Marvel Comic character of the same name. Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth), son of Odin Allfather (Anthony Hopkins) the ruler of Asgard and brother to Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Thor was set the be the next king of their realm but his arrogance resulted in him being stripped of his powers and exiled into Midgard (Earth). Meanwhile on Earth, an astrophysicist named Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) was investigating mysterious weather events for her research aided by her mentor and her assistant. While struggling to get near the vortex to get a closer look, Jane accidentally hits Thor with her van....

Despite the fact that the story was predictable and the love plot was forced/rushed, the movie was visually appealing and so action packed, it's still hard not to like. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the sequel The Avengers (Which really looks interesting. Several other Marvel characters like Iron Man and Captain America are included in the film!).
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