Solitaire game now available for non-Star players on OMGPOP

The Solitaire game on OMGPOP has been available for star players for several months now (star players are members that have achieved either one of the following accomplishments: reaching level 100 on OMGPOP, buying a cashpack, or recruiting ten people *those ten recruits needs to reach level ten first*). OMGPOP released Solitaire today for all players to enjoy.

The gameplay works just like how a game of Solitaire should be. It's quite different from the other games on OMGPOP (which are all multiplayer games, except for this one). However, if you crave socializing while playing, there is a chat bar on the side enabling you to chat with other users who are currently playing Solitaire. One really cool feature is the ability to continue you game.  Even if you play other games on the site or logged out, when you come back you can still resume your game. I think it would be better if there's an option to turn off the chat function or at least they should try moving the chat bar on the bottom of the page to give way to more space for the cards. Not everyone has a huge screen size, and it was a bit uncomfortable playing with miniscule cards on my standard sized screen as it is. I can't imagine how it would be like for folks who play on OMGPOP using those mini netbooks.

If you don't have an account on OMGPOP yet, go sign up! It's fun and it's free!
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