The Sims Social (Facebook Game)

I'm one of those rare souls who has resisted on creating a Facebook account. Since I don't really have an account in Facebook, I had just heard yesterday of the game 'The Sims Social' by EA Games. I'm a HUGE fan of the Sims Series of games (PC, mobile, or on console), I knew I had to try it out.

The Sims Social has basically the same premise as the other Sims games. You create a character and you can customize its look. You also have to pay attention to your Sims' basic needs (bladder, hygiene, hunger, etc.). The house is also customizable. While the core elements of the other games in the Sims franchise are intact, what sets The Sims Social apart is the focus on socializing with real Facebook friends (called neighbors). There are a lot of tasks/quests in the game and most of the time you need to interact with your 'neighbors' to complete the task (or you can skip doing it and still get credit for the task buy paying SimCash).

Overall it's pretty enjoyable. The graphics are also good and the game play is surprisingly fun. Although sometimes it can be a little frustrating how most of the tasks needs you to rely so much on your neighbors. I understand socializing is the whole point of the game, but there are times when I just want to play in peace. It can be annoying to be constantly asking your neighbors for items. Still, The Sims Social is worth checking out.
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