GRΣΣK (2007-2011)

GRΣΣK started off with Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU) freshman Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar). Rusty wants to not just be a typical nerdy guy, so he decides to pledge into a fraternity. During rush, Rusty encounters Calvin Owens (Paul James), an Omega Chi legacy and a closet gay at the time (which he reveals to Rusty later on). Rusty was offered two bids: one from Omega Chi (the top fraternity on campus) and Kappa Tau Gamma. The pledge educator in Omega Chi is Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman). Evan is a very wealthy and popular guy. He is together with a member Zeta Beta Zeta (the top sorority on campus) and Rusty's sister, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer). The president of Kappa Tau is Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Casey's ex-boyfriend. Rusty declines the bid from Omega Chi after Evan was caught cheating with Senator Logans' daughter and a ZBZ pledge, Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria). Rusty accepts the bid from Kappa Tau. Rusty also has a very religious roommate, Dale Kettlewell (Clark Duke) who is very against Rusty's involvement with the greek system but later on accepts Rusty's lifestyle.

Greek is probably one of my favorites. It's very light to watch but still very entertaining. Two thumbs up!
Doctor Dark said...

Grssk? Why oh why oh why....

Kenken said...

@The Walrus
I'm not sure what you mean XD
It was stylized as 'GRΣΣK' when it was being promoted, so I also placed it like that.

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