Google Plus Games

I haven't opened my account in Google+ for a while. The people in my circle aren't very active so I don't really see the point on logging in Google+ often. Few months back, Google has announced their plans on offering games on Google+. I promptly forgot about it but I had just learned that the games were released on the site almost a month ago.

There aren't many games available, but Google is gradually adding more games and are also looking for developers interested in building games for Google+. On their official announcement , Google has made it pretty clear that games won't get in the way in your overall Google+ experience. Your game invites, latest game updates and your game accomplishments aren't found on your regular stream and instead are located on the Games Page.

I had just tried playing Bejeweled Blitz on Google+. I'm also playing that game on Facebook, and I must say my experience with playing Bejeweled Blitz on Google+ is very pleasant. There are no ads on the sidebar and I have a bonus of 500,000 coins which I can spend on power ups.
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