Cupcake Corner (Facebook Game)

Cupcake Corner is OMGPOP's first true social Facebook game. It was released over a year ago, but somehow on the apps' splash screen, the word 'Beta' is still present.

The Cupcake Corner section in OMGPOP hasn't been updated, but I was able to get the bonuses below: (Note: You must first link you Facebook account to your OMGPOP account before playing Cupcake Corner to get the bonuses)

Cupcake Corner Hat in Balloono and 5 OMGPOP cash!

And I am getting a lot of gifts from Panda :3
My experience with the game didn't go as smooth as I hoped it would. I had trouble adding and hiring neighbors and it took me a while to sort things out. Also, I was so frustrated with the Redecorate and Dress Yourself function. It would be better if there is an option to filter out items that needs cash. Or at least have an option to arrange the items by price. Because the items are heaped into a jumble of mess, I accidentally used cash several times. Whether or not this was their intent, it's still very annoying.

One of the things that I liked on Cupcake Corner is the ability to create and send custom cupcakes. While the cupcake creator is not as in depth as I thought it would be (and again, I accidentally used cash instead of coins because of the poor arrangement), it's alright. You can send your friends the custom cupcakes and they can sell it in their shops. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or a part of the game, but a copy of my custom cupcakes go into the inventory so I can also sell my custom cupcakes. It's just really cute to see a bunch of virtual people eating cupcakes that you designed.

I made these Cookie Monster cupcakes!

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