The Adventures of Merlin Season 4 (BBC)

From Merlin's Keep:

The premiere for the fourth season of The Adventures of Merlin is finally near! On the official BBC site, it is indicated that the new season will be shown every Saturday this coming October. The rumored air date is on October 1st in the U.K. (Folks in the U.K. are so lucky!!). Earlier this year, it was revealed that the new season would contain the usual 13 episodes (it was originally announced that only 10 episodes would be made due to budget cuts). It is also confirmed that a fifth season has been commissioned by the BBC.

I had to calm myself down as I was starting to write this post. After reading this wiki page (WARNING: SPOILERS CAN BE FOUND ON THIS LINK. DON'T CLICK IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED., I couldn't help but be very very excited to watch the new season. Although I'm a bit worried about the new season. I have no doubts that it would be action packed and well written, but the new season is going to be darker and mature than the previous seasons. While I'm all for gore and violence, one thing that I loved about this show was how light, funny and enjoyable it was.Well, the new season isn't out yet, so I should just probably wait and see how this one goes.

Here is the official trailer of the fourth season of Merlin by BBC:

BBC Official Merlin Season 4 Trailer
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