Yes Man OST (2008)

Yes Man

I felt like watching a light movie yesterday, so I decided to try this 2008 comedy film starring Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper entitled 'Yes Man'. The movie itself has its funny moments, but low re-watch value. One of the scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed was the one with the 'Munchausen By Proxy' band playing. 'Munchausen By Proxy' is a fictional band in the movie consisting of the lady lead (Zooey Deschanel) and a real life electro soul-punk group Von Iva.

I picked up the soundtrack of the movie hoping there would be full tracks of the songs sung by 'Munchausen By Proxy' included. It's very interesting to note that the soundtrack is very similar to the movie. It has some really good songs, yes. But as a whole, it's not strong. Thank heavens, it's possible to buy a single track from an album these days.

Yes Man OST

1. Man Up - Eel
2. Bus Stop Boxer - Eel
3. To Lick Your Boots - Eel
4. The Good Old Days - Eel
5. The Sound of Fear - Eel
6. Wooden Nickels - Eel
7. Flyswatter - Eel
8. Blinking Lights (For Me) - Eel
9. Somebody Loves You - Eel
10. Sweet Ballad - Munchausen By Proxy
11. Uh-Huh - Munchausen By Proxy
12. Keystar - Munchausen By Proxy
13. Yes Man - Munchausen By Proxy

The songs by Eel aren't especially good and I found it hard to stay focused on listening. But it's not bad either. It has a laid back feel to it and it melts into the background easily. The songs by Eel are what one would probably listen to while doing some task for some ear candy without getting too much distracted. For me, the best songs in the soundtrack are the ones done by Munchausen By Proxy. It's just so upbeat and the lyrics are good (and a bit funny at times), it's difficult not to like. My favorite would be 'Sweet Ballad' and comes in (a close) second, 'Uh-Huh'.

Have you seen the film or heard the soundtrack? What are your thoughts?

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