Webified Me

It's cute, and I think it captured my web perfectly.
Second attempt. Loving the vintage necklace and the ceramic spoon.
Third attempt.
I opened my Firefox browser this morning and I saw a link to Webify Me. You take a quiz to answer 20 questions and then they create a collage on how your 'Web' looks like. I've taken the quiz thrice since it's so cute! Plus the questions are multiple choice so at some parts it was difficult to choose. You can click on the items to see the description.

Here's the full url of the collage(s?) above:

First: Neknek. Kenken. My Web
Second: Neknek. Kenken. My Web
Third: Neknek. Kenken. My Web

So, what does your Web look like? Take the quiz here! Or see how other people's Web look like here.
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