Stepbrothers (2008)

Again, I was in the mood for something light so me and my sister watched a comedy flick (again). 'Stepbrothers' is about two 40 year olds, Dale and Brennan. Both are jobless, still lives with their parents, and are losers in every possible way. They were forced to live under the same roof after their parents got married.They couldn't stand each other at first, but something happened and they found out they have a lot in common and became fast friends.

The movie has it's share of funny bits here and there, but it was very uncomfortable watching two grown men act like a pair of six year old kids. It's dreadful. But somehow, Dale and Brennan reminded me of my own relationship with my sister so in a way, I feel for those two.

I don't think most people would enjoy this film, but I still think it's worth a look especially if you have siblings.

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