Secret OMGPOP Games + How to Get Swapple Themed Frames

During one of the Live Q&A with the OMGPOP crew this month, they told two secret games that aren't on the game list but still accessible through the links below:

1. Hamster Jet

2. Hover Kart Party

Do you want to get these Swapple themed frames pictured below?

All you need to do is complete the missions listed below before October 3 2011 (Update: Extended until November 1!!!).

Animated Rainbow Gem Frame - Complete ALL the below missions.
Fiery Frame - Play 20 games of Typow
Dropple Frame - Play 20 games of each Missile Command, Blockles, and Ballracer
Leafy Frame - Play 10 games of Jigsawce, Gemmers, and Putt Putt Penguin
Flameo Frame - Play 300 games of Balloono
Splashy Frame - Play 100 games of Draw My Thing
Leafer Frame - Play 200 games of Pool
Ghostie Frame - Play 50 games of Swapples
Bolty Frame - Play 5 games of each Hover Kart Racing, Hover Kart Battle, and Hover Kart Party
Cloudie Frame - Play 5 games of each Booya, Checkers, and FourPlay
Lovey Frame - Play 50 games of Sky Pigs
Soulie Frame - Play 90 games of Letterblox
Bolto Frame - Play 30 games of Fleet Fighter
Stormie Frame - Play 150 games of Dinglepop
Lovels Frame - Play 500 games of Swapples

To check your stats, click on your public profile and select 'Arcade Stats'. You should see how many times have you played certain game on that page. If you don't have an account there yet, go sign up! It's fun and it's free!
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