Top 5 Best OMGPOP Games

Here are my top 5 picks at OMGPOP (in no particular order). If you don't have an account there yet, go sign up! It's fun and it's free.

1. Draw My Thing

In this game every player is given a 'secret' word, which they will draw on their turn while the other players try to guess the word. It's the very first game I played in OMGPOP.

2. Swapples

Swapples is the newest game at OMGPOP, and it's currently very popular. Basically, you swap the 'swapplets' to create a row or a column of the same color. There are a lot of games similar to this one, but it's very compelling to try to outdo the scores of the other players.

3. Fleet Fighter

In Fleet Fighter, the objective is to sink your opponents ships. Each player has five ships which they have to position on the 'sea'. Where they position the ships is hidden to the opponent. Each player takes turns in firing canons. The first player to sink five ships wins.

4. Pool

I'm not very good at pool so I seldom play pool with other players. In the meantime, I still like to practice pool alone. Just like normal pool, you need to sink all the balls assigned to you (can be stripes or solids), after which you shoot the eight ball in order to win.

5. Sky Pigs

Also a (fairly) new game at OMGPOP, the objective in Sky Pigs is to dodge the obstacles while trying not to hit the sky or the ground. And even if you used up all your lives, you get to spin a wheel to get an extra life, or to make the game for the remaining players harder.
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