Grease (1978)

I must be the only person who haven't watched the famous movie musical, Grease. I gave it a go yesterday, thinking it would be fun since I know most of the songs in the movie (well, a lot of the songs in Grease are wildly popular, it's impossible not to know at least one song from the movie).

For those in need of a recap, Grease is about Sandy and Danny who fell in love over the summer. Both had thought that they wouldn't meet again but Sandy had unexpectedly entered the same high school as Danny. Things weren't like they were during summer, as they are both very different and have images to live up to. Will their love prevail?

It's not the best movie/musical I've seen, but I don't really want to nitpick so much. My greatest complaint would be how some of the songs seems forced and it affected the flow of the film. Despite that, I had a good time watching as well as singing along to the songs in the movie. Watching it won't change your life, but it's fun and I'm really glad I finally watched it.

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