Best Mobile Ebook Reader for Java Phones

I've never been really particular about my choice of mobile phones. My current one (and almost a year old) is a Samsung C3300K Champ, which came free from my mobile carrier. It doesn't have fancy features but it gets the job done. I don't really do much on my mobile phone apart from texting/calling/listening to mp3's. But there are times when I have to catch up on my reading list so badly but can't be bothered lugging around a book. I've thought about getting myself an ebook reader a couple of times, but I doubt it if I'll actually use it often since I still prefer books. Many mobile phones now can read pdf's or available software which enables you to read pdf files. For some reason, I can't seem to find a software for Java phones that reads pdf files properly. That's why I mainly resort to reading .txt files on my mobile. 

I've tried a lot of .txt to jar converters, but the best one I've tried so far is the QiC Mobile eBook Reader. It looks decent on my phone and I don't have to download any extra software (apart from the .jar file that was converted from the .txt file). You can also download readily made .jar ebooks on their site. For more legal .txt books download, I highly recommend Project Gutenberg. It's free and it's a good way to brush up on the classics. Happy reading!
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Thank you - this is just what I've been looking for.

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a big thanks!! very helpful!

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