Shabu Shabu Express

There's a new food cart franchise near where I live. It's called Shabu Shabu Express. You get to choose what you want (noodles + soup or just noodles) along with your desired topping.

I bought soup and noodles with the Kung Fu Panda and crab topping. I've read some raves about their toppings and it didn't disappoint. Despite Kung Fu Panda's appearance (it looks more like an eraser than food, and it doesn't look like a panda), it wasn't bad. As for the crab, I really liked its taste. Just be careful when eating it. I didn't really noticed the crab claw sticking out at first, but luckily, my sister pointed it out as I was about to take a huge bite.

The noodles and soup though, were really bad. It tastes like soap (not that I've eaten soap). We didn't get to finish eating them because it gave off a really soapy taste that lingered on our tongues long after we stopped eating.  I'm probably won't buy from them again.
Degrunge said...

hey kenken, remember me degrunge from tomalicious? i miss you... :D

Kenken said...

Hey there! Yes, I remember you! It's good to hear from you. I haven't visited the forum for a looong time.

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