Betsy's Cake Center (Malabon)

I came across a blog post about Betsy's Cake Center sometime ago. I live in Malabon, so I was a bit ashamed that I haven't heard about Betsy's Cake Center before (anyway, their location isn't exactly walking distance from my place). I've went near the Malabon City Hall countless of times, but I haven't really noticed it. My sister suffers from cream puff cravings for several days now, and since I've read somewhere that there are also cream puffs available in Betsy's Cake Center, I decided to drop by the shop yesterday.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a lot of awfully good looking goodies. They have meals available too. The other night, my sister gave me some money so I can buy cream puffs, but I placed it on top of the tv and forgot to bring it with me yesterday. I kicked myself for daring to enter solely on a poor students' budget. I even saw an apple pie (my favorite!) but it was 60 pesos a piece, so I cried a little inside. Anyway, I saw some cream puffs, but thought twice about buying since the caramel on top looks thick (I hate caramel on cream puffs). I bought two pieces (30php each), just so me and my sister will know what it tastes like. I chose to spend my remaining money on their famed 'broas' even though I'm not a broas person. I bought one box containing a dozen broas (240php).

My sister promptly forgot to take a pic of the cream puffs, but honestly we didn't enjoyed it that much. I really don't like caramel on cream puffs, and I don't know if it was just me, the filling tastes a bit like mocha? And now for the broas (taken after eating several pieces):

The broas are really good. Well, I haven't really tried much broas from other shops, but from what I've already tasted, this is the best. My sister agrees with me on this too. It's just so soft and light, what's not to like? I'm really looking forward to try their other products.
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Ang sarap lang. (:
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