LOTRO First Impressions

I've been eyeing the 'Lord of the Rings Online' game for a few years now, but due to my PC's limited hardware capacity and the game not being free, I couldn't play it. I've been a fan of the lore since I've read it, and I really liked the movies the moment I watched them. So you could imagine my excitement when LOTRO announced last June that the game is finally free-to-play. I bought a new PC last December, but I couldn't get around downloading the game and just finished some few days ago.

Over the several hours that I've played, I can say that the game is amazing. I was a bit dizzy at first since I'm not used to it's 3d interface (as opposed to Maple Story's side scroll look), but I got used to it. Everything about it is so good, the graphics, the music, the gameplay - everything. It's also a plus that I don't get xp loss upon death. The quests are fun and leveling up is pretty much easy too (at least on my current level). One thing that I also noticed about the game is the absence of trolls. Everyone is just so nice and helpful. Even on the global chat channels, there are no trolls!

I'm still new to the game so I can't say much, but here are some screenshots:

(Taken with my Hobbit Burglar and Hobbit Hunter. I look like my character actually, as I am short and stocky, lol)

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Hobbits can actually swim~! (If my memory serves me right, in the lore Hobbits generally can't swim, as they regard the sea as a dangerous place)


Standing under the moon and the stars.

Watching the sun set with.... a NPC (lol)

I'm in love with The Shire <3





Swimming again


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