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The season 3 ender episode of The Adventures of Merlin went on air a few hours ago. I haven't seen the episode yet, as I am waiting for my sister to wake up so we can watch it together.... but I am really, really excited!

Though I can't wait to watch this season's last episode, I'm a bit sad because the next season of Merlin won't be aired until 2012.

To tide me and my sister over till the next season, we vowed to collect all of The Adventures of Merlin books! Haha!

We found a lot of sellers on ebay selling the books at a fair price with a minimal shipping fee, but we got really lucky with this seller (Goldstone Books) as we purchased two hardbound Merlin books (The Dragon's Call and The Mark of Nimueh), one Merlin paperback (Merlin: Potions and Poison), and one paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, all for GBP 16.61 (P&P included).

L-R: The Dragon's Call, Potions and Poison, The Mark of Nimueh. LOTR book not shown

We got the books delivered on our doorstep ten days after making the payment, which was fast since from our experience, it takes around two weeks for international orders to arrive. All the books are in perfect condition, except for Merlin: Potions and Poison with a creased cover, but I'm not really complaining.

So far, I've only read The Dragon's Call and I'm quite pleased with it. I don't plan on reading the other Merlin books until I've finished reading the stack of unread books that I've accumulated over the years so.....

I better start reading.
jameme said...

maganda? :)

maganda ba ako? :))

Kenken said...

lol! jude!

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