Dead Like Me (tv series)

George, Rube, Roxy, Mason and Daisy
Dead like me is a beautiful dark comedy television series about Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth) and her life after death.

At age 18, she was hit by a toilet seat from space. Instead of crossing over, she became a grim reaper. A grim reaper's job is to collect someones soul moments before their scheduled time to die, and to guide that soul until they cross over. She was assigned in the 'External Influence' division, which handles murders, accidents, suicides, etc. Their team meets up at 'Der Waffle House' every morning, and their group leader hands out their assignments written on yellow post-its. Her boss is Rube (Mandy Patinkin), and becomes a father figure to George. Other grim reapers in their group are Betty, Roxy, Mason and Daisy. Betty (Rebecca Gayheart) is a confident reaper that takes polaroid pictures of the people she reaps before they die (she was gone after a few episodes though). She was killed during cliff diving with her fiance. There's Roxy (Jasmine Guy), an aggressive reaper working as a meter maid at the start of the series, but joined a police force latter. She was strangled with a legwarmer (which she invented) by a jealous roommate. Mason (Callum Blue) is a British drug addict and alcoholic that died while he was drilling a hole in his head to achieve a permanent high. He messes up a lot, but he is quite likable.  Last is Daisy (Laura Harris), an actress that died in the set of Gone with the Wind. She often tells stories about her sexual escapades with big stars. At first, George is having trouble adjusting to her new life; living on her own, working in 'Happy Time', and doing her responsibilities as a reaper. As the series progressed, she was doing better and has become more matured. Another big part of the series is George's family. George's father, Clancy (Greg Kean), is an English professor. He had an affair with one of his students, which became a big blow to his marriage to Joy, and ultimately, leading to their divorce. Joy (Cynthia Stevenson) is George's mother. She hates balloons and the word 'moist'. She is somewhat obsessed with control and keeping things together in their places. Last is George's younger sister, Reggie (Brittt McKillip). George practically never ignored Reggie while she was still alive, but Reggie was majorly affected by her death. Reggie also did some eccentric things to cope with her sister's death.

I cannot begin to say how much I loved this show. Despite the plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the series, the story remained interesting, clever and unique. All the actors played their parts brilliantly, and all the characters has depth and a certain charm in them. It's a pity that the show got canceled after two seasons, but it's probably better that way. At least it was saved from silly plot arcs commonly seen occurring on shows as a desperate attempt to prolong a series.

I urge every one to watch it... and discover the beauty of life through the eyes of an undead.

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