Sabrina The Teenage Witch

If you're looking for a light, clean and funny TV series to watch, why not try 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'? I remember always looking forward to watching it on the telly when I was a kid.

The story is about a teenager (Sabrina Spellman), who discovered on her 16th birthday that she's a half witch/half mortal and she has magical powers. She lives with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, along with their talking cat, Salem (who was a warlock who tried to take over the world, but failed - he was sentenced to be a cat for 100 years).

For me, the first three seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch were the best. It doesn't mean that I didn't enjoyed the other seasons. It's just that Harvey was gone for a couple of seasons (his character is funny, plus Harvey and Sabrina looks so cute together), the Aunts were gone in the last season, plus, some really annoying characters showed up. But what the heck, Salem alone makes the whole series worth watching :]

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