Mabini Home Bake Shop

I love cream puffs. It's no secret that it's my favorite choux based pastry.

My favorite would be Peter Pan Bakery's cream puffs. It's located in Banawe, and I can't always go there as much as I would like. So, whenever I have a serious cream puff craving and can't go to Banawe, I buy cream puffs at Mabini Home Bake Shop.

Taken while waiting for the cream puffs

Mabini Home Bakeshop is a quaint bakeshop in Mabini Street, Caloocan. It's a few minutes away (on foot) from San Roque Parish. They have been on business since 1966, and that's a long time. With that alone, you'd be almost sure that you won't get disappointed with their food.

Their cream puffs are not too sweet, and is available in two different sizes. They also have other goodies, but aside from their cream puffs I've only tried their cookies (which are also good).

Other baked goodies on display

585 A. Mabini Street Caloocan 1400
288-9707 / 287-3965 / 288-0341
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