Pan de Kopi

Since I was supposed to go the National Library today, but didn't because I misplaced my library i.d. I was really looking forward to visiting the library to read 'Barangay' by William Henry Scott and 'The Fireless Inferno' by Arnel Salgado. Sure, there are scans of them online but I also have to research a bit for school, so I was feeling down. (I don't really want to pay 100 bucks to replace my lost i.d. since I'm sure it's just here around somewhere.)
To cheer me up, my sister went to MC (Malabon Citisquare), a small shopping center near our house to buy me some food. She came home with a creme brulee frappe , a chocolate frappe, a strawberry crepe and a chocolate crepe. I was surprised since MC isn't the type of place where you'll find that sort of food (the place is crawling with siomai stands and the like). The name of the kiosk (yep, a kiosk) where she bought our snack was Pan de Kopi.

Chocolate Frappe

Cream Brulee Frappe

The frappes were nothing extraordinary. The whipped cream was too sweet, but I liked the creme brulee flavor a bit more than the chocolate. I was a bit disappointed with the crepes since it was a bit hard to eat especially with the plastic fork that came with it. I had to get a metal fork and still struggled eating it.

The next day, I finally gave in and went to the National Library to have my i.d. replaced (goodbye 100 bucks). Since I'll pass MC on my way home, I decided to try more of Pan de Kopi's offerings.

I bought a strawberry frappe and creme brulee frappe (the menu was confusing, it didn't clearly stated what is it, I have no idea what the flavors actually were so I chose the obvious ones) and 2 crepe supremes.

The strawberry frappe is ok, better than the chocolate frappe from yesterday but I still like the creme brulee frappe better. Again, the crepes were hard to eat. Again, I was disappointed at the crepe wrapper.

Strawberry Frappe

Strawberry Crepe

I probably won't buy from crepes from Pan de Kopi again.
Anonymous said...

Pan de kopi is just like a starbucks coffee drink but its more affordable unlike the price of starbucks coffee.... I love Pan de kopi... =)

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