Cream Puffs - revisited

Last Thursday I went to some place in Balintawak to pass my resume since I'm in dire need of an OJT. Me and my friend got lost and ended up being (almost) 30 minutes late. The people there are nice though. We finished quite early, so I decided to go to Banawe for some cream puffs.

I forgot the name of the bakery (it was 'Peter Pan' I think), but it's hard to miss since it's located beside the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. It was around 10:30 but the cream puffs aren't ready yet. Well, they finished baking the puffs but the cream filling and toppings aren't done. By 12:15, the cream puffs were ready (yes, I waited for almost 2 hours). I bought 16 pieces, half of it for my two bestfriends, and half of it to take home.

It was a big bigger (or a bit more puffier) than before. The caramel topping is thicker, and the cream filling sweeter and more yellow. LOL. It was still good though. My sister, who hated those cream puffs before had a sudden change of heart (or she was just really hungry, I don't know).

I'd like to go there often but the transportation around the area is a bit difficult. I don't mind walking but I don't like walking directly under the sun's heat + Manila summer weather. But then, maybe it's better that way. Every calorie burned in getting there counts when you're back in your house stuffing cream puffs in your mouth.
superjameme said...

JUDE! bat ako di mo nibibilan! :<

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