Japanese and Korean Grocery Stores in Cartimar

Classes were dismissed early yesterday and I don't want to go home yet. I've been searching for a particular Korean frozen treat '뽕따 (Bbong Ddah)' and since I heard that there are a few Japanese and Korean grocery stores inside Cartimar, I decided to go there.

I don't know how to go to Cartimar. The only time I went there was to buy a puppy when I was a kid and I was with my dad and we had a car. I texted my sister for help and thanks to Google, she was able to give me directions.

From school (in Sta. Mesa Manila), I rode a jeep en route to 'Divisoria'. Instead of going inside the LRT line 2 Recto station (the line 2 Recto station and line 1 Doroteo Jose station are connected), I got off at Avenida and decided to walk until I reach Carriedo station. I wanted to go first to a shop in Avenida wherein they're selling various odds and ends from Japan, but I decided against it since I don't want to come up short during grocery shopping (food is more important than toys anyway). I reached Carriedo station and got off at Gil Puyat. My sister told me that I could either ride a jeepney or just walk until I reach Cartimar. I choose to walk since I thought it couldn't be that far and I ended up cursing myself (it wasn't far but it was almost noon and it was really hot).

Upon reaching Cartimar, just walk straight and at the end of the chain of stores on the right side you'll find the grocery stores. I went inside each shop and was a bit disappointed since it wasn't as well stocked as I hoped it would be. And nope, I wasn't able to find Bbong Ddah. Going there isn't a complete waste though. One store was selling freshly made takoyaki and selling Japanese dining wares. I also found a shop selling 'konpeito' (candies as seen in 'Sprited Away') and a shop selling frozen Japanese foods (sashimi and others).

So, does anyone know where I can buy Bbong Ddah in Manila?

The elusive Bbong Ddah

jameme :> said...

try mo sa malate jude. :) maraming hotels/inn/motel/whatsoever dun. maraming turista. maraming mga ganyang store jan. :)) hurhurhur. :>

Kenken said...

oo jude. marami nga sa malate. pero di ko pa kasi napuntahan yung nasa cartimar nung time na yun kaya nag cartimar nalang ako. nung june nagpunta ako sa malate, wala ung ice cream na hinahanap ko dun :[

Anonymous said...

were selling bbong ddah :)
if you're still searching where you can buy these just sent us message through email.. starmallows@ymail.com
or like us on face book and leave a comment http://www.facebook.com/pages/Seoul-South-Korea/STAR-Mallows/170787719615745

thanks! --mikki

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