Wuthering Heights

I first saw the 1939 version many months ago, and I fell in love with it. It was dark, Cathy and Heathcliff were both very 'hateful', and yet I couldn't help pitying them both. Although many people say that a lot of things in the novel were omitted in the film, I really enjoyed watching it. I found myself crying at the end of the film. It was a good thing I was watching it by myself.

I watched the 2009 TV version just last week. I haven't finished reading the book(I stopped at about a few chapters), so I don't know which version is closer to the novel, but Cathy and Heathcliff were much 'milder' in this version. Though I prefer the 1939 film, what I like about this version is it also featured the next generation of characters. It's still very good, though I didn't feel drawn into the story at about the first half of the series.

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