Maple Story

I've been playing this game for a while now, I can't believe I never blogged about this. Anyway, it's not too late because I'm still playing MS(and not quitting anytime soon).

Maple Story is a free to play MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role playing game).

You basically create a character, choose a job class(warrior, thief, archer, magician, or pirate but you can remain a beginner for the lulz), explore places, do quests, and grind constantly.

The graphics are ok, childish yes, but you'll get used to it. BGM is not spectacular either, but then again, it's not really that relevant. It's addictive but it gets repetitive and boring, the reason why I've been playing MS on and off for years now. But I have to hand it to those behind MS though, there's always something new (quests, maps etc.) that's why even if I don't play for months, I don't have the heart to uninstall it.

Since I play on and off, I don't have a high level character. I used to have a character in Scania but it's too populated, I always get KSed and there are lots of annoying people.

My main char is now in Yellonde(server of the noobs. lol, joke *half joking*), an archer - but I won't tell you what my IGN is.

Here are some screenies, taken around the last quarter of 2008.

Got transformed into a monster
Becoming an Archer

My sister told me that I can also pose behind the 'Marilyn Monroe' cardboard, but I dunno how.
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