I love Beard Papa .............. not

The first time I saw 'Beard Papa', I knew I had to try the cream puffs right away.
Never mind if 50 pesos ($1.13) for a cream puff is too steep for a broke college student like me.
I went home, gave the other cream puff to my sister, and then took my first bite.
It wasn't too sweet, which my sister liked. I didn't find anything extraordinary with the cream filling though.
I don't know if that branch of 'Beard Papa' just skimped on some ingredients (lol) so the cream puffs didn't tasted the way it should , because the way people rave about Beard Papa, I really expected the cream puffs to be really.... yum.
My sister bought a mixed box of 'Beard Papa' yesterday, and again, I was underwhelmed with the cream puffs with toppings. At least the plain ones were better, but still, not good enough to make me spend 50 pesos.

Since I'm talking about cream puffs, there is a place near the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital which sells cream puffs. The cream puffs are smaller than Beard Papa's, but waaay cheaper for only 12 pesos a piece. It is very, very sweet too (toothache alert). I actually prefer those cream puffs over 'Beard Papa'. I'm willing to buy cream puffs there even if I live far from Banawe.
My sister can't stand those cream puffs though. LOL.
Anonymous said...

cream puffs YUM! :))
weleleng. pa comment. HI KENKEN! :)

Anonymous said...

napacomment lang ako.
musta na? :)

Kenken said...

lol, ok naman, ineenjoy kung ano man ang natitira sa sem break (5 araw). ikaw?

abcdefghijmyka said...

hahaha. wula lung. :>
IMY. :| :D

Kenken said...

hi jude! dami mong kinommentan ah. salamat :*

IMY din.

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