Neopets: My New Obsession

my wocky neopet is dying of hunger

Update: 11/29/2011

I decided to log in on Neopets so I can get a screenshot for this post when I decided to take a look around and see what's new. There are new maps, more games, and other new features such as Neopets Stock Market where you can buy and trade stocks (duh?) to earn Neopoints (in game currency).

For those people who are still playing Neopets, or are new to Neopets, check out this website. You can consider it a Neopet cheat guide since it has all Neopets Dailies and Neopets Freebies all in one place (The Daily Neopets). Very handy in getting free items or in earning neopoints.


Neopets is my latest obsession since furushiki and Sims! Oh, I forgot to tell that last week, I became a little bit obsessed with furushiki. Furushiki is a traditional way of wrapping items using a square piece of cloth in Japan. I already know how to do a double bottle wrap, watermelon wrap, and the basic kind of wrap (usually seen on bento lunches in animes). I even planned on buying a huge cloth instead of buying a new bag for this school year. Then I realized it's such a hassle to unfurl the cloth when I need to get something, so for now I'm sticking to backpacks :p
Anyway, back to Neopets...

Neopets is a virtual pet website. You create pets (living in Neopia) and you buy them foods, clothes, toys, and other items. It's sounds simple, but it's very addicting! Click here if you want to try Neopets. I promise it's really fun!
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