Cheer up with Chona

We went to a resort in Laguna yesterday. But I didn't get to swim. I originally planned on swimming, since we don't really go on vacations often (and we were only going to spend a few hours on the resort). On the way to Laguna, I was reading the book 'The Da Vinci Code' and ended up spending the rest of the day finishing the book! It was that good! There's a lot of controversy surrounding the book, but I don't see why people have to take it seriously. It's a book. It's fun to read. Get over it.

Anyway, my Yahoo Messenger ID got hacked. I was really annoyed so I was looking for funny sites to cheer me up, when I came across this blog ( It's about Chona, a household helper blogging about her day to day experience. It's really funny!
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