Kiko Mizuhara Shows Support For KaoRi; Also Tells Her Experience Working With Nobuyoshi Araki


Disclaimer: I gathered the information below from sources written in Japanese, so it's definitely not 100% accurate. I would be truly grateful for inputs and corrections.

KaoRi, a dancer and a model spoke up about Nobuyoshi Araki last March. Many people misunderstood her relationship with Araki (it was strictly photographer-model) and she was flattered and pressured to be branded as Araki's muse that she didn't come into terms with Araki posting her pictures and using her name (such as 'KaoRi Sex Diary') without permission on his products. She felt that she was driven into a situation where she had no choice but to do it. She also had problems with stalkers, and she had to deal with the psychological and financial burden of moving places alone.

She tried to confront Araki about it, her attempts to call and to ask for a face to face meeting was ignored. When they finally had a chance to meet, she was being forced to sign a contract to allow Araki to use her name on future products - she refused and as of June 2016 (supposedly she had another 'muse role' shooting schedule) she was "fired".

She lost all self esteem and affected her work as a model because she felt powerless over her own identity.

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Kiko Mizuhara showed her support and called KaoRi brave for sharing her story. She also shared an uncomfortable encounter she had with Araki before.

Brief Translation:

In my early twenties, I had to shoot topless (with my hands covering my chest). During the shooting, there was a lot of male presence; apart from the staff there were about 20 upper management who came to the shoot.
I felt really uncomfortable with having a lot of other people in the room, but I was told they had to be in the room to "check the quality of the shots". Since it it was work I felt that I could not refuse.

Araki, what is a woman's body to you? Your muse, Kaori, is it necessary to abuse her mentally?
I don't know if you are completely unaware of what you are doing. You've photographed me many times as well... but I don't feel any regrets for you.


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